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Vain Glories


Yearned for distinction but forgot who I am
Changed for others and I repressed myself
Masqueraded as someone I knew I was not
Searched for happiness in the wrong place
Had desired to please everyone and failed

Becoming fractured, my mirror shattered
Shards that no longer will go back together
Reflections in a million pieces looked at me
Helpless I gathered them hoping for solace
Blood ran from hands and yet I felt nothing

There I stood torn and bloodied by choices
No longer could I see the person I’d become
The weight of this all rested on my shoulder
So removing my mask I felt freedom at last
It was then I knew the mirror was my prison

©by Mac


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Good Enough


Don’t ever believe that you can’t be loved
That you are not full of passion and ability
You are perfection to me, sent from above

When skies were grey you came with a light
Showed me a life with sunshine and praise
Each moment of each day a bit more bright

You are an over comer, greatness deep within
There are many facets to you worth sharing
One must only learn where to look and begin

We all have moments where we self-doubt
Take apart our character with harsh critique
Allow voices in our head to take over, shout

Demon and angel fight within us to control
Our mind is split in two and we must choose
I choose you love, because you are my soul

~A chat with myself
Good Enough© by SBD(MM)


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