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Love Is…


Be mine? Please be my Valentine

When all is said and done

I’ll be your only one

Love is more than words, it’s also verbs

Showing each other that you care

Through it all you’ll be there

Love is actions but it’s also passions

As we become one with desire

Intensities fanning the fire

Love is affection but with reflection

I promise you all my tomorrows

Even the ones with sorrows

Love is adoration and communication

Accepting each other with flaws

And speaking without pause

Love is giving all then more, encore

Because sacrifice may bring pain

But true love brings only gain

Be mine? Please be my Valentine

When all is said and done

You are my only one©

by Mac



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One Heart



As I shudder, my heart’s aflutter
Love is intoxicating, heart palpitating
The joy it brings, all earth sings
Looking in your eyes, there’s my prize
See your soul, under my control
This great pleasure, it has no measure
Love’s worth, brings such mirth

With this vow of trust, virtue is a must
Breaking a heart, could tear apart
My greatest endeavor, your love forever
Guard our bond, charms abscond
Come in from the cold, have and to hold
From this day and more, as I swore
Together as one heart, never will we part©

by Mac


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