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Unlimited Possibilities

“Unlike a fountain that circulates the same water in an enclosed, perpetually recycling system, a human being circulates thoughts in an unlimited reservoir of self. Don’t limit yourself to being a mere fountain when you contain an ocean.”~Vera Nazarian

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Made by Human Beings


©Flowing Fountain by SBDMB (MM)


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Water’s Edge

Out for a beautiful stroll along the water’s edge. Serene, still waters and pleasant fall temperatures. A perfect day for a walk. The bridge lies ahead and a path behind.


©Along The Pond by SBDMB (MM)

Sunday Trees


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The Pond

The Pond

Pond glimmering
Ever shimmering

Glass breaks
Water wakes

Line cast
Ripples last

Dock creeks
Lore speaks

Man fought
Trout caught

Large fish
Main dish

©The Pond by SBDMB (MM)


©Fishing by SBDMB (MM)


©The Pond by SBDMB (MM)


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When Sleeps The Sun


“Reflecting Sunset Waters” ©SBDMB


“Lit Sunset Waters” ©SBDMB

When Sleeps The Sun

The day has passed
And slowly fades the light
Crisp air blows the trees
And skyward bats take flight

Whispering clouds kiss the sky
Red, golden and royal hues
Owls speak of pending dusk
The stars soon twill be my muse

Ticking of the clock answers silence
Chimes ring out marking day as done
The world keeps turning at a steady pace
As the moon awakes then sleeps the sun

©When Sleeps The Sun by~ (MM) SBDMB

Daily Post Weekly Photo: H2O


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The Long Week

“Sometimes it feels like my life is just one long day.”~ John Mayer

I had an extraordinarily busy week. I had quite a bit of work a couple days this week and had also been cleaning out for an end of summer garage sale. We had [it] today and all went really well, hard work payed of…literally! My hubby also was quite busy, so a lot of going our separate ways and utterly worn by thee end of each day.

So, one evening this week we had an opportunity to get out for dinner, thanks to my job. It is a rare thing for us to do a night time date (mostly because I don’t like to be out late). But, we had an amazing time recharging at this restaurant on the waterway. So, thought I’d share a few photos I snapped as we got to enjoy some drinks and take in the view of the sunset. It definitely energized me to finish out the week strong and have a successful day today! Happy Saturday everyone!


“Reflections” by Southern By Design


“Recharging” by Southern By Design


“Lunar” by Southern By Design


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An Inlet Runs Through It

A Photo a Week Challenge: Cut by a River

“Life in us is like the water in a river.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Around here there aren’t many “rivers” as most large bodies of water are the ocean, water ways or inlets. Here is a photo from Murrell’s Inlet. It is a fabulous little spot outside of Myrtle Beach. Lots of marshes, fishing docks and beautiful photo opportunities.


“Murrell’s Inlet” by~Souther By Design



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The Narrow Trickle~Reflection

“Reflection~Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.”

One of my favorite pass-times since moving to the beach is going to view the sun rise. I came across this narrow stream of water that was getting fed every time the waves came in. Usually when the tide is out all that remains is smooth sand, but the water had worked at this little alcove and it created this most beautiful effect as the light reflected off the zigzag of water along the beach.


“Reflections” by Southern By Design


DailyPost Photo Challenge: Mirror


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