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Can Words Prevail?


I cannot get the words out, they just won’t come
Sometimes letters get so jumbled up between my mind and the keys
I want to put my emotions down, but…What was I going to say? 

Thoughts like the ocean ebb to and fro
Going on and on into the horizon, never getting anywhere
A lost vessel that is going through the motions

My words disapate in the air like smoke
One moment they were a blaze, the next they are only embers
You can see the affects but now only blackness remains 

A battle rages for the next line
Who will come forward and fight to be heard?
Bloodied and worn, can words prevail?©

by Mac





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Writer’s Block

I wanted to write something, but I came up with squat, nadda, bubkiss, zip, zero, zilch and finally the big goose egg! ~Mac

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Don’t Mind the Gap


My brain is such a confusing space. I have times where the thoughts flow, unencumbered by the world around me. I can be sitting in the midst of pure confusion and they seep from my fingers onto the keys. Then, there are the moments when [they] are held captive. As though my mind dominates and leaves words bound on the tip of my tongue.

A frustration for every writer, I can imagine, these elusive words. Having a dictionary of definitions available to me and yet unable to construct. Perhaps it is sorrow or pain which holds me back. Emotions and Composers have such an intricate relationship. One that can be fractured by the smallest of cracks. I do find that thee artistic side of my brain feels more free when I am in a happy or in a contented place. Is it endorphins, perhaps, giving my brain the release it so desires? Or, am I prepared to relinquish control in this state of euphoria?


Most irritating though is when words wish to come to me in my sleep. Pouring in with such vigor, at times waking me from deep slumber. Not as dreams, but as concepts and ideas, which cannot be silenced or snuffed out by the dark! I can try to ignore them and hope they let me rest in peace. But, as if defying me, I am plagued then by insomnia. And, if I have success, the words and ideas from the night will have vacated my mind by dawn. Leaving me to feel as though a great chasm exists between my mind and my keyboard. Moving me towards a feeling of incompletion.

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A Journey In Words

A Journey In Words

Today was amazing
Today was the worst

I know it all
I’m so confused

He loves me
He loves me not

Life is so beautiful
Life is so messy

I can’t wait to grow up
I wish I was young again

Pages curl and words blur
But still I write on

Dear Diary

©A Journey In Words by SBDMB (MM)


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Internet Etiquette

woman_at_computer“Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker’s game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.” ~Neal Stephenson

I’ve never quite understood the draw to argue with strangers online. Twitter is a place notorious for this. Just this week two Fox New anchors got into a heated feud on there over politics.  Even on Facebook you can easily get drawn in to “aggressive discussions” with those you know, I’m guilty for sure. I feel it is because it is easier for people to be more truthful or forceful with opinions when not face- to-face. Perhaps believing that there is less repercussions or it is easier to vocalize in secret.

Whatever the case, I just try to remember, if it isn’t something I would say to someone’s face then I shouldn’t write it either! It’s one thing to have a point of view, and another to be passive aggressive or just straight out belligerent. If you have a personality like mine, at times it’s hard for you to pass up on a good debate, learn to keep it civil. I also have an outgoing personality, spiced with an outspoken disposition. I am constantly having to reign in my tongue (or fingers). Often a test of what is more important, some times I just have to speak my mind and other times I stew inwardly.

No matter the case, remember this- Words are a powerful tool or weapon, they can fix or destroy. I want to use my words for good not evil.

I’d like to read your thoughts on Internet etiquette, please feel free to reply.


Daily Word Prompt: Argument

“Internet Etiquette”©SBDMB


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